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2021 Registrations Open

2021 Registrations Open

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Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids be Kids is a national campaign that addresses poor sideline behaviour - largely at junior sport.

Shoosh for Kids

Shoosh for Kids

Shoosh for Kids


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This is where you will find links to the latest news items for Central Coast Rugby League in general. Be sure to keep an eye on this area so you don't miss out on the latest news items!


Following last night's Joint Statement of State Sporting Organisations in relation to the latest Public Health Orders, Community Rugby League continues in 2020. With the exception of Farrer High School in HVCC and North Tamworth in N'cle RL U19s, Newcastle-Central Coast Regional Rugby League competitions remain intact. Once again NSWRL thanks our volunteer workforce for their amazing support and dedication in unprecedented times.

A key component of the agreement reached between the SSO's, Department of Health and Office of Sport is the commitment to;

  • Cease activities that result in the mixing of participants and staff from different regions, for example by ceasing zone, regional or state championships or competitions*
  • Cease any activities that result in overnight stays (e.g. multi-day training camps) due to increased risk of COVID transmission in residential-type settings with shared facilities
  • Cease face-to-face social activities relating to community sports (e.g. award ceremonies, end-of-season social gatherings, post-training group dinners)
  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible; and
  • For local activities, limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity.

Your clubs, individual and collective efforts in adhering to the aforementioned principles, and those following, is appreciated.


Please be vigilant in the implementation of your clubs protocols and safety plans. Keep a copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan and amendments on hand at each game day and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer if requested. It is vitally important that our clubs are complying with Government regulations at training and game days and actioning everything they said they would in their Safety Plans. The best way of alleviating any fears about community sport is to reassure the Government that we're fully compliant and taking every required action to ensure safety.


All trainers who enter the field of play, must not carry water bottles or administer water to players during play. Drink breaks will be scheduled for quarter, half and three quarter break times as outlined in the match duration table.

Furthermore, there is no provision in the NRL on Field Policy (Community RL) or NSWRL Community RL Policies and procedures Manual for "message runners". The roles and responsibilities of On Field personnel are clearly stated in the Policy. The Ground Manager should remove any such persons from the field.

How can we get around not being able to share drink bottles?

You can't! Water bottles should not be shared at any time. Each player must have their own drink bottle. Introduce drink breaks to ensure that each player can rehydrate from their personal bottle. Trainers not to carry water bottles for players. Drink breaks will be built into game schedules.


PLEASE REMEMBER: The procedure in the 48 hours post incident involves 2 VISITS TO THE DOCTOR. It is imperative that this process is followed and verification is obtained/ retained/ presented as required.

A follow-up evaluation must be conducted by a doctor within 48 hours of the initial head injury assessment by a doctor. All players returning to matches must complete and submit a NSWRL Community Rugby League Concussion Assessment Form within 3 business days of the game to their local League Administrator. Failure to submit this documentation within the required timeframe will result in the player being subject to the Mandatory 14 day stand-down period as outlined below.

Only a Doctor can clear a player to return to training and play after a concussion.



Please see below a series of communications that have taken place this week following a spate of reports to NSWRL with regard to verbal abuse, offensive and/or obscene language in junior league matches.

It is to noted that Referees have been directed to act on such incidents via the issuing of a penalty, temporary suspension, or send off.

Let's work together to create an environment for learning and enjoyment! As per the Rugby League Code of Conduct encourage our players to:

  • Never engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, sledging, obscene gestures, offensive remarks, trash-talking, taunting or other actions that are demeaning to other players, officials or supporters.
  • Always respect the Referee's decision.
  • Never become involved in acts of foul play.
  • Honour both the spirit and letter of the competition rules and live up to the highest ideals of ethics and sportsmanship; avoid gamesmanship, and respect the traditions of the game.
  • Be a good sport.


All matches in the Under 9s to Under 17s competitions will stop immediately when there is a points differential of 50 points. All matches in the Under 18s to Open Age competitions will stop immediately when there is a points differential of 60 points. Officials at official tables will sound the siren at the appropriate time. The maximum score differential that will be recorded is 50 points for Under 9s to Under 17s, or 60 points for Under 18s to Open Age competitions



Arrive ready to play (minimise preparation time) > Play > Leave promptly.


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