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Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids be Kids is a national campaign that addresses poor sideline behaviour - largely at junior sport.

The CRL Board has amended clause 1.2.3 c) of Schedule 1 of the CRL Rules: (Playing in an Older Group). All Leagues in your respective Regions are to be notified the amended rule is effective immediately.



c) Any player granted permission under rule 1.2.2(a) to play in a higher age category or open age competition is required to fulfil their obligations to their correct age category before playing in an older age category/open age competition. For example, if a player’s correct age category is under 10s, then that player shall not be permitted to play in any under 11s or under 12s Competition for his Club if that Club’s under 10s team has insufficient players to properly compete in the Competitions in which it participates.

Similarly, should an Under 18s player be required to play in a higher age or open age competition he shall be required to fulfil his obligations to the Under 18s age category prior to participating in the higher age or open age competition unless the Group/League, in its absolute discretion, grants an exemption   

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