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By Alicia Camileri – crlnsw.com.au

The AAMI Senior Country Championship Ladies League Tag Final takes place this weekend at Cessnock Sportsground with the East Coast Dolphins taking on the Central Coast Centurions.

With Ladies League Tag being played in the Country Championships for the first time this season, both sides are eager to be a part of something special.

“The girls are all excited because it is the first one and I guess they are all nervous and quietly confident as well,” said Central Coast coach Damien Montgomery

“Also it is a chance to create history being the first ones.”

“I would love for the girls to just enjoy the experience,” said East Coast Dolphins Captain Kylie Hilder.

“I think the girls are also starting to realise how big these country championships are and what it means.

“We are going to be part of history and part of a final in the first ever Ladies League Tag Country Championship and no one can take that away from us.”

As both teams prepare for Saturday’s Final, both Montgomery and Hilder know it’s going to be a fast paced game and their areas of improvement need to be perfect.

“They’re a very fast, young looking side and they like to move the ball around a fair bit,” said Hilder.

“Our main focus has been our attack, and Central Coast are a fast team so we need to work around a few different plays to try and work their side around.

“We know it’s going to be a fast game and our defence will have to be extremely good to keep their team out. In the end, defence will win the game.”

Montgomery believed the Dolphins would need to be watched closely.

“They throw the ball around, have plenty of depth, have a good direction and they look sharp and you can tell by the way they play,”

“They have more experience and their attack has more flow and they know what’s going on.

“Our main focus is to hold the ball as last week we turned over too much ball and were lucky to win the game. If we hold the ball for the majority of the game we can hopefully win it”.

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